Nostomania Coin News Archive

May 2008 Early Gold, Silver Type are next, by David Albanese
April 2008 One Grade, Many Prices, by David Albanese
March 2008 The Doctor is Out, by David Albanese
February 2008 Post FUN show report and CAC coins, by David Albanese
December 2007 Toned = Undervalued, by Dean Albanese
November 2007 King of Eagles Soars, by David Albanese
October 2007 The European way, by Tommy Jasmin
September 2007 Hard Assets, by Dean Albanese
August 2007 Toned versus white, by Dean Albanese
July 2007 A nickel is now worth a dime?, by Tommy Jasmin
June 2007 Star power no gimmick, by David Albanese
May 2007 $5 million for 5 cents, by Tommy Jasmin
April 2007 Eye Appeal is The Deal, by David Albanese
March 2007 The Rare Rare Coin Dealer, by David Albanese
February 2007 Post-FUN 2007 thoughts, by David Albanese
January 2007 Insight on Proof Gold, by David Albanese
December 2006 Let's try this again: new $1 coin in 2007, by Tommy Jasmin
November 2006 Market softness is common stuff, by David Albanese
October 2006 The Great Divide, by David Albanese
September 2006 End of Summer 2006 Market Report, by David Albanese
August 2006 Haven't Seen Nothing Yet, by David Albanese
July 2006 Gold correction welcome here, by David Albanese
June 2006 The world's first coins, by David Albanese
May 2006 A Bull-ion Market, by Dean Albanese
April 2006 Proof Gold is the best, by Dean Albanese
March 2006 Next up, Proof Cents and Commemoratives, by Dean Albanese
February 2006 A penny saved is 1.4 pennies earned, by Tommy Jasmin
January 2006 PQ defined and hot gold, by Dean Albanese
December 2005 It's simple supply and demand, by Dean Albanese
October 2005 Proof gold is where it's at, by Dean Albanese
September 2005 End of Summer 2005 market report, by Dean Albanese
July 2005 Choose eye appeal over numeric grade, by Dean Albanese
June 2005 PCGS and NGC trusted most for rarities, by Dean Albanese
May 2005 Modern day treasure hunters, by Dean Albanese
April 2005 The proof is in the Proof, by David Albanese
March 2005 Return of the buffalo, by Tommy Jasmin
February 2005 Post FUN market summary, by David Albanese
January 2005 A good place for investment dollars, by David Albanese
December 2004 Seated coinage undervalued, by David Albanese
November 2004 Fall 2004 market talk, by David Albanese
September 2004 The future of shows; market cools, by Dean Albanese
August 2004 More summer 2004 market talk, by David Albanese
July 2004 Summer 2004 market talk, by David Albanese
June 2004 Grading the grading services, by Tommy Jasmin
May 2004 Eye appeal and quality, not quantity, by David Albanese
April 2004 Post-Baltimore 2004 market report, by Dean Albanese
March 2004 Post-Long Beach 2004 report, by Dean Albanese
February 2004 Market continues an upward trend, by David Albanese
January 2004 A Holiday Season update, by Dean Albanese
November 2003 Internet opens new doors for Numismatists, by Dean Albanese
October 2003 Recent market report, by Dean Albanese
July 2003 Recent market report, by Dean Albanese
April 2003 An alternative to the stock market for investment, by David Albanese
February 2003 A rejuvenated and healthy market for 2003, by David Albanese
December 2002 Everyday collector the heart and soul of our hobby, by David Albanese