Star power no gimmick.
by David Albanese

Hi to all. I hope this month finds everyone doing well and enjoying our fabulous hobby to the fullest. What I'd like to discuss in this Market Report is "Star Power". When we think of stars, we think of bright shining objects in the evening sky twinkling in the great expanses of outer space. An object of beauty and fascination which leads me to the subject matter. We all know that rarity, condition, and eye appeal are major factors we consider when purchasing a coin. Rarity and condition are easily determined by looking at pop reports, auction data, and other published material. Eye appeal, however, is very subjective. The problem many collectors/investors have is the low numbers of specimens that they have to examine. How many collectors/investors have actually seen 50 Stellas, or 100 1800s Half Eagles, or 200 Proof Liberty Double Eagles? Not too many!

NGC Star designation example

This is where NGC offers a very special dynamic into coin grading - the prestigious NGC "Star" designation that identifies coins with exceptional eye appeal. This is so very important because NGC sees literally tens of thousands of high quality coins. Statistically, less than 1% will be given the Star designation! Because NGC sees so many more high quality coins than collectors or dealers and because they are experienced professional graders, a coin with a "Star" is assurance that the coin is at the top of its class in eye appeal. It is a professional opinion backed by years of experience. NGC is providing a valuable service (at no additional charge) to collectors who want the best. Look for the Star! As dealers, we are extremely critical of each and every coin we present to our clients. The coin must be enjoyed by our client. Given our many years of numismatic experience, we feel that the Star program is a tremendous plus for the coin collecting community. We have purchased as many Star designated coins as we can find and each one has been rapidly purchased by our clients.

Some may feel that this is just another gimmick by the grading services, but we personally & professionally say that "This is a valuable addition to grading that was long overdue and we applaud NGC for instituting this designation to their grading standards." We hope that each and every one of you finds the "Star" of your dreams. Look for the "Star". Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns and we will definitely address them.

Best to all,

David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. Albanese Rare Coins can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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