Nostomania Mission, Founders, and Advisory Board

Nostomania Mission

Nostomania's mission is to create the leading online community for collectible enthusiasts. Within this community, Nostomania provides:
  • An easy to use collection management system.
  • An electronic marketplace that effortlessly matches buyers and sellers.
  • Collectible pricing data based entirely on actual sales.
It is our intention to continue to expand Nostomania to support all major types of collectibles.

Nostomania Founders

Tommy Jasmin, Co-Founder
Tommy Jasmin Tommy has over 40 years of collectible buying and selling experience, and over 25 years of software development experience, including many years of website development. He has B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tommy has been an avid collector of many things over the years, including coins, stamps, and cards, and continues to actively collect comic books.
James Laudon, Co-Founder
James Laudon James has over 40 years of collectible buying and selling experience, and over 30 years of engineering and management experience, predominately with technology startups. James holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Nostomania Advisory Board - Comics

Gary Carter
Gary Carter Gary is highly respected in the comic book community, has been a longtime Overstreet advisor, and is the former editor of Comic Book Marketplace. His book The Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, published in 1992, led to the current 10 point grading system. Gary has been a Nostomania supporter from the beginning, and was the first person to review the initial prototypes and provide development guidance. Nostomania is extremely grateful for his continued support and advice.
John P. Selegue
John P. Selegue "Jack" Selegue is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. He received a Ph.D. from M.I.T. in 1979 and did postdoctoral work at Yale University. His boyhood love of comic books was revived in late 1994 when he and Jim Holler created the Periodic Table of Comic Books, which examines appearances of the chemical elements in comic books from the Golden Age to present. His interest in comic books is driven by content rather than investment value. Jack moderates the popular Silver Age / Golden Age discussion group and contributes to the Grand Comic-Book Database.

Nostomania Advisory Board - Coins

James Halperin
James Halperin Jim's impact on the collectible community is tremendous. His involvements are numerous, and the highlights include being co-owner of Heritage Coin, the world's largest rare coin company and auctioneer, co-chairman of Heritage Comics, an author and novelist who donates all royalties to charity, and an avid collector of many things. We couldn't be happier to have Jim on our advisory board.
David Albanese
David Albanese David has been an icon in the coin collecting world for over 50 years. He is a life member of the ANA, CSNS, FUN, and an authorized PCGS, ICG, NGC, and Intercept Shield Dealer. He is married with four children and his son Dean is CEO of Albanese Rare Coins. Together, they have sold millions of dollars in rare coins to countless satisfied collectors. They truly live up to their motto: Honesty, Quality, and Integrity. Nostomania is proud to have David's advice and guidance as we grow.