Post-Baltimore 2004 market report
by Dean Albanese

Hello everyone.

Baltimore was a great turnout for public it seemed, a lot of interest in nice coins from the collectors roaming the floor. It was very, very tough though to locate nice treasures, but not impossible. I came home with some very nice coins, (which will be viewed under the Highlighted Rare Coins and sent in the Newsletter) that I was happy with. I see interest coming back into Commemoratives also, either gorgeously vibrant toned or blast silky white.

The year so far has started off to a great feeling all the way around, just a lot of curious people it seems are finally starting to accept the stability of the coin market. I think the good times are here to stay! We've turned around some super treasures for clients who trusted in us the past few years. They trusted to put 6 & 7 figures into coins that we advised on and so far we've returned to them 20% - 100% return on the majority. But again, that is on "rare eye appealing" coins, not "sheet priced" coins.

From my eyes, I see a lot of dealers smiling because business is so good all the way around, and that is good for everyone. It's good because people are finding dealers they trust in, and in return it creates a positive flow for the industry. I like to see everyone do well, especially the buyers. It's a great feeling when I make a client of mine a great return all because he trusted me. My father and I feel so good talking about coins, more then ever now, to think we would be doing this good years ago would be unimaginable, and that's because we've stayed grounded dealing with what we love.

Have fun browsing the inventory (either in the Browse section of Nostomania, or click-through to our site below) and call with any questions.

Dean Albanese, CEO, Albanese Rare Coins

Dean's father David is a Nostomania advisor. They can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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