A Holiday Season update
by Dean Albanese

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

The season is here and another FUN show is just around the corner. Baltimore was interesting last week; the snowstorm had kept a lot of public away and drove a lot of dealers to exit early. I know I found it hard to find nice coins, as the market is so strong and demand is crazy for nice coins. I looked through hundreds and hundreds of coins and came home with about 40 that I liked. Generic Gold is still climbing (as long as it has eye appeal) and Rare Gold type is bringing simply amazing prices. Also, aside from "Rare" Gold - ALL GOLD is being bought up it seems, bid prices are going through the roof and with bullion over $400.00 now it's quite amazing to see so much Gold being sold.

We were proud to have sold an 1875 PR66DCAM G$1 PCGS, a mintage of only 20 coins with only 14-15 known survivors. Also we are proud to have some super rarities advertised on our website in the Gold section. Wow is all I can say. We had sold these to a renowned collector a long time ago, and now he has agreed with us and decided now is the time to bring these treasures to the market place, and these prices are still a bargain I think.

I could not even find early Walking Liberty Half Dollars in Baltimore, they are even scarce to find right now. I just think there are more people buying now then ever and the industry looks very strong with demand increasing everyday it seems. Anyone who ever had doubts in investing in rare coins, I can rest assure to say it's safe.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and safe as well. God bless you all and keep dreaming of those glimmering treasures??

Dean Albanese

Dean Albanese's father David is a Nostomania advisor and they can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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