Modern day treasure hunters
by Dean Albanese

Hello to all,

The single toughest action taking place in the industry at the moment is finding gorgeous eye appealing and rare coins. I see a fantastic auction coming up in Atlanta at the end of May with some killer Proof Silver type coinage being held by ANR. That is what has been lacking in my opinion, "Proof Silver type". We've been finding and buying a handful now and then, but the quantity is definitely lacking. It seems a lot of the "black and white" Proof Silver type available has been dipped out too much leaving the coin stripped of its skin and leaving a cloudiness that is really disturbing to my eye. All though, don't get me wrong; there are a lot of original surfaces still out there with amazingly deep mirrors and corrosion free "black and white" beauties to be had, so hopefully we'll be coming home at the end of May with a killer inventory.

Proof gold also, you rarely see Proof Eagles or Proof Double Eagles circulating the scene at the moment. And wow, when they hit the market people aren't shy to eat them up, that is because of their beauty, and rarity, period! I think collectors and investors are smart who don't hesitate when they see a spectacular PQ specimen with a low mintage, because it seems the guys who wait the extra week or even day always miss out unfortunately. Like the 1865 Proof set we had for sale at our webpage, to get 1 call made me happy, but we could have sold that set to 5 different collectors, not dealers that called on it whom we've never done business with. It's nice to know people with that financial capability are out there who actually appreciate and "know" real historic buys. I thank those gentlemen who know who they are and I know are reading this.

I'm not saying to rush into anything by any means, only to trust your gut because it always seems to serve you best. I do have to say I was in Colorado at the ANA museum this past month doing research and one man who knew beauty and rarity was Harry W. Bass Jr. Wow, his collection in that museum was fascinating. It was great to be able to see the Coiled Hair Silver Proof Stella and the 1804 Eagle in Proof he had. Just an amazing display of real knowledge.

Just keep reading books; you should indulge your self into enhancing your knowledge from reading. I'm reading a great book right now by Q. David Bowers, The Rare Silver Dollars Dated 1804 and the Exciting Adventures of Edmund Roberts. It's amazing and fun. A great way and fun way to look at yourself is you are a "Modern day Treasure hunter"! So good luck, and happy hunting.


Dean M. Albanese, CEO, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

Dean's father David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. They can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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