Internet opens new doors for Numismatists
by Dean Albanese


Last year for rare coin sales was a great year, we saw a lot of new clients come into the hobby and they have stayed buying ever since. This year I have to say is even better with our sales way ahead; it shows me how many more people out there are using the future to their advantage. What I mean by the "future" is the computer, the portal to the world, and even better, the portal to the "Numismatic World". It seems we get new customers almost every day because they have surfed onto our web page. I know I look every day at a lot of different dealer sites to see new inventory. I think the Internet has taken coin collecting into a new direction the past few years and it is only getting to be more fun. It's better sometimes then going to a coin show because you don't have the hassle of people shoving into you, or certain dealers trying to sell the coin to you. I know at my table at coin shows I let the coin do the selling, I think the coin finds you, you don't find the coin, and if the person at my table wants to talk coins or ask about a certain coin, I would love nothing more!

You see, sitting in front of your computer at nighttime after work or dinner while relaxing and looking through nice web page's for fresh coins can be a lot of fun and not nearly exhausting as walking a show floor for 8 or 9 hours. There is so much information on the Internet about coins and there are so many coin dealer web page's out there, the mission to find the perfect treasure can be endless. We love to keep our web page updated daily by the minute and we're always thinking of new ways to make it more eye appealing and friendly for our viewers. We just want our "futuristic" store to be as appealing as our coins. So to the viewers I say this, enjoy the images and call with any questions.

Dean Albanese

Dean Albanese's father David is a Nostomania advisor and can be reached at his outstanding web site.

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