More summer 2004 market talk
by David Albanese

Hi to all,

Summer is finally with us although it's been rather wet here in Western NY but at least it's not cold and we'll take it as it comes. Summer time brings us the usual doldrums as far as coin collecting goes. As attention goes to vacation and good times outside, coin collecting can wait for the cooler weather. I find that nice common date gold is doing very well along with nice type coins. The price of gold seems to stay around the $400 mark which is very healthy and the demand for nice coins keeps moving in the right direction. There will be some great coins coming up in auctions at the annual Summer ANA followed by strong auctions at Long Beach a month later. I really expect the pace to keep up for the future, the market will continue to stay strong and good coins will keep in strong demand. You need to be selective in your buying as I always stress to you out there, rarity, eye appeal are everything. We will be at the ANA and hope you will stop by and say hi to us as that show is always exciting for all collectors who are able to attend.

Well I hope all of you out there have a Fun filled and safe summer and please always keep in mind if you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free or e-mail Dean or myself as we love hearing from you.

David C. Albanese, President, Albanese Rare Coins

David is a Nostomania advisor and can be reached at his outstanding web site.

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