An alternative to the Stock Market for investment.
by David Albanese

Hello to all as spring has sprung! We just arrived back from Charlotte and the spring ANA and I must say it wasn't a very good show. Spring ANA shows have not been the best for many years as they seem to always wind up in an area that doesn't draw too many collector/investors to the shows. Along with ANA's insistence that dealers can't leave till 2pm on Sundays is very counter productive for coin dealers who must travel many miles to the show. This escalates costs for dealers, which in turn may have to raise the retail prices of their coins. This obviously affects the collector/investor in the long run. But enough of that, as it's more of a political issue that must be straightened out, as ANA officials receive many comps (free rooms at host hotels, etc.).

The state of the coin market continues to be very strong and I feel it will continue to get better as we go along into 2003 and beyond. It seems many more individuals are entering the market as an alternative to investing in the stock market and it can be borne out in prices realized in the auction circuit with record prices being realized especially on all true rarities and super eye appeal coins. We have in our Market talks over the past few years touched on the subject of "Rarity, Quality, and Eye Appeal". This should be your benchmark in selecting coins for your collection. I feel and will always feel these are the most important factors you should consider before you buy a coin.

Where is the market strong? In all areas of Rarities... for example, Buffalo Nickels, Indian and Lincoln One Cent, Gold type and others. What will heat up? I think Proof gold will start to move up in the near future as soon as collector/investors can see the shortage of great coins. At the ANA show it was hard to locate any quantities or quality great proof gold coins and hard to locate St. Gaudens $20 High Relief's. There are tons and tons of so-so coins out there and tons of common date coins but true rarities, hard to find for sure! So in conclusion, the market is very strong and I feel it is still a buyers market and many opportunities are still available out there. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us.

Good luck and God Bless. Stay healthy and I hope you find the coin of your dreams. If we can be of any service to help you find a coin, please ask and we will try our hardest to find that special coin for you.


David Albanese is a Nostomania advisor and can be reached at his outstanding web site.

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