The Rare Rare Coin Dealer
by David Albanese

Hi all out there in Cyberspace,

Man alive is it cold here in Western NY! Right now, I'm wondering what happened to Global Warming? I sure would appreciate it now!

Anyway, my thoughts drift to the terms "Rare Coin" and "Rare Coin Dealer". What do they really mean? These are terms that are very loosely defined. You see ads about this rare coin, that rare coin. If you look up the true definition of rare in the dictionary, it will show you what I mean by "loosely defined". For a coin to be truly rare it must meet certain criteria; for example - not frequently encountered; scarce; uncommon; unusual. Not that I'm saying coin dealers shouldn't use the term to describe their business as a Rare Coin Dealer. Where problems arise is when these dealers describe common, easily obtained coins as "Being Rare" or a "Rarity". It goes to the heart of how collectors/investors should go about doing what they love, which is collecting coins as well as doing their homework to actually find out if a coin meets the strict guidelines of "Rare". It is a relatively easy task now a days with all that is at our disposal via the Internet. A world of knowledge is available to each and every one of us if only we take the precious time to do it, or as they say due diligence. Everyone would be more satisfied and sure about their purchases. A dealer should be able to explain and give answers to your questions about the coin you're interested in. Nowadays there are so many so-called "Rare Coin Dealers" out there who only have the knowledge of what is printed on the slab. Many of them don't know a denticle from a portrait. Unfortunate, but true. Also when you're given the old sales pitch "It's really a 67" your comeback should be, "Well when you get it in a MS67 holder, call me".

All I'm trying to get across here is for you to please do your homework before you part with your hard earned bucks. Coin collecting is and can be such a rewarding experience if it is approached the right way. We strive at our website to be as informative and interesting as we can so you can read and learn about collecting.

So, in closing, stay warm and I hope in the year ahead, you may find the coin or coins of your dreams. Please call or email us with your questions or concerns.

Very best,

David M. Albanese, CEO, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. Albanese Rare Coins can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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