Eye appeal and quality, not quantity
by David Albanese

Hi to all,

The market is still on fire for rare and eye appealing coins.

We are proud to have sold 2 Proof Stella's in 2 weeks - A PF67 Cameo "Coiled Hair" and a PR62 "Flowing Hair" - These treasures cannot be inventoried long for they are sought after by the elite collector/investor.

MS Gold is selling like crazy also, especially better dates.

The sleeper "commemorative" is starting to wake up, and when they awake, I think they will be packing heat!

Gold is way up again this week, and has been up 26% over the past year.

Looks like an explosion, compared to the great stock market!

I feel that given the facts the market will continue to move in the upward direction. The true rarities will move in the present and the future.

First rule should be eye appeal, as no matter how rare the coin is, if it is UGLY it will be hard to move. On the subject of rarities there are many coins that are truly rare that many collectors overlook if you take the time to do some research you will find many coins of many denominations with low pops overall that are true rarities and I feel that after 18 years of certification you can spot them. So I think the future of collecting is bright and many new collectors will continue to come aboard so as I said keep in mind what I feel is so important when buying, know who you're doing business with, buy only good eye appeal coins, try to buy the rarest coins your budget can afford and keep in mind quality not quantity is what's important. Ask questions feel comfortable with your collections and you should hold for a minimum of 5 years but 10 years is better. Good luck and keep an eye out for our daily updates and sign up for our newsletter. Please feel free to email or call us any time!! We love to hear from you!!

David Albanese, President, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

Albanese Rare Coins is a Nostomania advisor. They can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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