Seated coinage undervalued
by David Albanese

Hi All,

Late fall is here and all is going strong in the rare coin market. Truly rare coins are doing very well so far and I feel will continue to be recognized as great investments.

We are just back from the West Palm Beach Show and we found it a very good first year show, we picked up some excellent type coins and will have them all posted very soon. Some great collector coins.

An area that I feel is still much undervalued is the Proof area, especially Seated and Barber proof coins. Also undervalued I feel is the Mint State Seated coinage of all denominations. When you look at overall census for NGC and PCGS there are many dates with very low overall populations. Compared to many 20th century coinage, these coins are overlooked for now. I truly think it is only a matter of time before collectors discover the "Value" of this area of coinage. Boy have you seen how 09-S VDB's have done in the market auctions along with High Relief's in almost all grades, especially 63, 64, & 65 grades? Highly collectable and desirable denominations, these really aren't Rare Coins but always sought after and seemingly a good investment to a certain degree. Keep in mind that all coin types have their days in the sun! It's just a matter of hitting the correct ones before they go up!

Look at smaller coinage; Boy are there some bargains out there. Three-cent nickels are a prime example of undervalued smaller coins, both Mint State and Proof.

Always keep in mind my three most important considerations when buying coins; Rarity, Eye Appeal and Quality!! I always feel you can't go wrong using that principal along with doing your homework on costs. Keep tuned as we will be posting new coins as they come in.

David Albanese, President, Albanese Rare Coins

David Albanese is a Nostomania advisor. He can be reached at his outstanding web site.

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