Post-FUN 2007 thoughts
by David Albanese

Hi All,

Well where do I start? First a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2007 to all. I truly hope the coin of your dreams becomes a reality this year. I've read many FUN reports from dealers and collectors alike and now I would like to give you our take on 2007 FUN.

It was the absolute best show we ever had and I must say I was overwhelmed. I have read where some are saying the market is slowing, and many coins went unsold in the auctions, and the market continues to be strong in the true rarity, excellent quality coins segment. Well there is some truth in all three statements. Part of the market is slowing but great coins are bringing record prices. As far as coins not sold I feel that they were either reserved at overpriced levels or either ugly or not acceptable to the more trained eye of astute collector/investors in this new era of Cyber-Space Numismatics. We bought several six figure coins and they were all wow coins of great importance in the grand scheme of things, and major rarities I must say. Common coins are still very desirable; if the quality and eye appeal is there it's a smart and prudent thing to do. We all have to keep in mind that coin collecting covers a wide range of desires and all can be met whether it's collecting Morgan Dollars, Walking Liberty Halves, Seated Liberty series or whatever your passion is. It can all be rewarding if done the right way.

I truly feel coins will continue to be strong as there are some things on the horizon that may propel collecting into the next higher state. More and more people are finding the rewards and love for American history in coin collecting, as coins are truly part of our American Heritage. Each series tells its own story of a time long ago when our country was in its infancy, and through every segment of us becoming the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world. Each coin tells its own story and has each truly a single entity in their own right. If you study each coin in your collection you'll see they have their own characteristics - it's fun and a great learning experience.

So as it goes I feel 2007 will indeed be a great year for Numismatics and if Albanese Rare Coins can be of service to you please feel free to contact us any time and you'll get that very special personal attention that you deserve. As a family owned and run business we can truly give you that good feeling that you're in special hands - not just a sale but part of our ever growing satisfied client base, always treated in a professional manner and most of all confidential, which is an absolute definite way we conduct our business. We don't need to toot our own horn as the numismatic treasures we place speak for themselves. At Albanese Rare Coins our clients come first.

Please feel free to call and ask any question or just talk coins. Your trust is cherished by us.

Happy collecting,

David M. Albanese, CEO, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. Albanese Rare Coins can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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