It's simple supply and demand
by Dean Albanese

Gold! As more investors and collectors are educated they are seeing gold is the way to go I believe. We've been selling great business strike and Proof gold coinage more than ever lately. And especially as time goes on and clients bring their rare treasures back to us they see them sell without losing a penny. In fact the return on every piece if you wait 3 to 5 years has been a lot better percentage then any stock I've ever held onto.

The crowds I love to teach and reach out to about our nation's most beautiful artwork are the historians and art lovers. I see the buyers out there spending millions and millions on original paintings and antiques from around the world starting to see not just the investment value of rare U.S. Gold coinage, but the beauty, mystique and tales behind these little masterpieces created at the U.S. Mint by history's most renowned artists and sculptors.

The future of the rare coin market is growing. It's growing to a new crowd which is stabilizing and solidifying this great old hobby in a very positive view. When I first came into this industry at a young age I had a lot of "coin dealers" tell me I can't just concentrate on high end rarities, I have to have all ranges of "priced" coins to choose from my inventory for collectors. I stuck to my gut which is my love, I wanted to cater to a crowd of buyers who love what I do and that happens to be high end rarities. And because I've stuck to my gut and dealt with what I chose to it has paid off, not financially for me, but satisfactory-wise because these are the treasures I truly love!

Upward winds are taking the value of gold coins to new heights and I see coins that seem expensive now will actually be looked back at as cheap. "Now is the time to strike on Gold rarities!"

What can anyone say to my writing? This is not true? That is impossible when all the facts stand. Look at coins in our inventory right now, coins such as the 1867 $5 PF65 Ultra Cameo - A coin in which only 50 coins were minted and probably less then 10 are known to have survived. Coins such as our 1891 $10 PR65DCAM, a coin with only 48 struck and probably only a dozen surviving. These are limited, historic, beautiful, and wanted more and more every day by new collectors and investors.

With more people buying, the fact is, there are not enough of these to go around. A lot of these rarities are ending up in collections that will never see the light of day again because of these facts. We've sold coins for over $100,000 where we only made $2,000 to make the buyer happy. Morally he should have helped us out more but we didn't complain because we were blessed enough to have handled this coin. That is how we view this, also in hopes if it does ever hit the market again we get first shot at it.

Why hurry and buy any coin just to have one, when you can save and buy a real treasure? You should take your time and read as much as you can, study the facts - they are in black and white in books written for generations and generations. With eye appeal and rarity you can't go wrong as long as you trust where you have bought the coin from.

Very Best,

Dean M. Albanese, CEO, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

Dean's father David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. They can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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