Recent market report
by Dean Albanese

We're getting towards the end of June and things are still heating up! It seems tough to find really nice bright flashy high end Walkers right now, and the ones we come across are selling just as fast as we can get them inventoried. Another area we are selling strongly right now is the generic gold pieces. My confidence builds for the industries strength every day it seems. More investors are finding it so much safer to put capital into tangible assets rather than the stock game!? It's true though, if you continue to purchase high end eye appealing rarities you can rest assure your investment will not diminish. Coins we've sold for $17k only a few years ago are now selling for $30k + - And I remember selling a PR67 Buffalo Nickel only 1 ? years ago for $900.00, and I just bought it back for $2,200.00 - I already sold it just as quick though, it made our client and ourselves smile. Not every coin is going to produce profits that quick with these kinds of numbers; it's just what is in demand at the time. I always like to look back on coins we've sold for a lot less then what they are worth now.

Coins, coins, coins, coins, that is what is on my mind in the summer time seeing as my heavy traveling is over for a little while, and I'm thinking how to find more stellar pieces to sell. I like to read a lot also while I have time and one GREAT book I've come across and we are going to be selling on our web page is The 100 Greatest U.S. Coins. This book has great knowledge for those looking to invest and even for the collectors who can only dream about such coins. I think the more you read and take in about this hobby, the more you grow to understand it's nature such as price levels, rarity factors, and why eye appeal is so important. Coins are like beautiful paintings, you want one that no one else has, a rare one, but it also has to be gorgeous, the coloring has to be to your preference, black and white or amazing vibrant colors. They are something you can hold in your hand to appreciate, you can read about it and study it's history, the year, the mintages and art designer, and what the design represented to our country's era. That is one thing I WISH would happen, I WISH our country would design another beautiful artistic masterpiece in proof with a limited number, and business strikes for everyone to hold.

I look forward to the Mid Summer ANA show in Baltimore. Have fun collecting!

Dean Albanese

Dean Albanese's father David is a Nostomania advisor and can be reached at his outstanding web site.

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