Eye Appeal is The Deal
by Dean Albanese

This has been an explosive year to start and the first quarter is not even finished! If anyone says the market has evened out or slowed down they are crazy or just not getting all the way in the trenches with both feet. Rare coins are out there but rare coins with super eye appeal are becoming scarcer and that is what's making it so tough to please clients who have an appetite for treasures with the two main factors to consider, rarity, and eye appeal! Compared to a couple years ago it's amazing to see the collectors out there who really have been drawn into this hobby because it's a place to put a lot of money into while feeling safe and having fun at the same time. Unlike stocks, you can invest in coins and make it a fun journey by studying and learning while being able to hold in your hand the investment you just put your hard earned capital into. No doubt people who are hesitating on beautiful rarities are missing the train because as I wrote last year, "Beautiful rare proof gold eagles and double eagles you can purchase now between $80k - $100k you won't be able to touch under $150k in a year". Well, that's the truth now!

Like prime real estate these rare treasures with eye appeal are being eaten up daily and people who are sitting on them are guaranteeing their profit for the future. It's amazing to see some of these coins and a blessing to say we've bought and sold coins at this caliber. Some of my favorites that we've recently sold are coins like the 1795 $5 eagle in MS65; a coin which was upgraded and came back with a "star" designation (next market talk we will dedicate to explaining what we think of the "star" designation). This coin was the nation's first $5 gold coin minted for circulation which George Washington himself pushed for because he wanted to see these coins minted before his term was up. This coin sold for over $500,000 and in a few years I can't imagine what it will be worth. Another coin of course is the 1804 $10 Plain 4 proof eagle which was upgraded to a "star" designation PF65 Ultra Cameo, the first $10 proof which was made as a presentation piece by Andrew Jackson and originally came out of the King of Siam set I believe. These are coins you read about like Greek Mythological stories, wondering if they really exist, and if they do where are they? Well, they do exist and to have handled them is a dream come true because some Numismatists go a lifetime without ever seeing them.

What's hot? I have to say all eye appealing coins are right now, rare or not rare! I really think an undervalued area right now is the Matte Proofs, these coins are super rare and the appearance is breathtaking, they are just magnificent to gaze upon.

Very best,

Dean M. Albanese, Albanese Rare Coins, Inc.

Dean's father David Albanese is a Nostomania coins advisor. Albanese Rare Coins can be reached at their outstanding web site.

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