Nostomania Pricing Data

Nostomania has put a lot of effort over the years into developing really smart, really sophisticated algorithms that allow us to compute accurate, comprehensive pricing, all driven by real sales data.

We encourage you to compare our pricing data with other sites. Catalog your collection in multiple places. Then decide, which site gives you the best estimate of value for your collection?

Below are some really old, but still relevant articles which give you a glimpse into the history of how we developed our systems.

November 2004 The value in Nosto value
July 2004 The values, they are a changin'
January 2004 Why are your prices so high?
October 2003 Why Nostomania pricing data is king of the hill
June 2003 What's so great about Nosto pricing data?

Certainly it is impossible for us to gather sales data for every known item in our database. In those cases where sales data is missing, we set and adjust values based on similar items in our database for which we have actual sales information.

With each site-wide update of our pricing data (currently quarterly), hundreds of thousands of actual sales are factored in to continually refine the data and keep it current. Nostomania is committed to providing collectors and dealers a service they can find nowhere else: accurate, unbiased, up-to-date pricing.

Thank you for using and supporting Nostomania!