NostoNews, June 1, 2003

What's so great about Nosto pricing data?

Coverage, for one thing. Nostomania is able to provide pricing information for any item in any grade. Here's an example. Below is a screenshot from a recent Heritage coin auction. Note how for this coin in this grade, Heritage was unable to provide any pricing information from any of their sources. This isn't very helpful to the potential bidder.

Now look at the second screen shot, a view into the current Nostomania pricing data for this item. Since Nostomania gathers data for hundreds of thousands of confirmed sales, and carefully validates them during processing, we are able to provide a reasonable estimate of value for any item in any grade. What if there were no gathered sales in a certain grade? Our proprietary algorithms are intelligent enough to set a reasonable value based on many factors, including confirmed sales of similar items in that grade, the same item at close grades, historical trends, and other data.

Have you noticed?

Search by Seller is now available. This was our top user request over the past several months, and we have now implemented it. Go to the Browse section and give it a try - pull up all items for sale from your favorite seller.


Don't forget, all you have to do is create a single Collection, Wantlist, or Salelist item each month to qualify for our sweepstakes. Why not take a look and see what we're giving away (and gave away last month), free as always.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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