NostoNews, September 1, 2017
by Tommy Jasmin

Near Real-Time Sales Now Available

While thinking about ways to get Nosto members to sign in more often, it occurred to us you'd probably really like to see sales data get updated more often than each pricing update. Ideally, the sales data gets updated in near real-time. We took a big step in that direction this month. Now, when you drill down to pricing details for an item, if Nostomania has captured any recent sales, you'll see a notification in green like below:

Alert! There are recent sales for this item!

And in those cases, when you scroll down to the sales chart, there they are. In case you hadn't heard about the recent sales on eBay of super high grade early appearances of Wonder Woman, well here they are. Next month those ID numbers will be a link that takes you to the actual sale. Enjoy the new feature and please send us feedback!

Wonder Woman 1, CGC VF/NM 9.0 recent sale on eBay

That's it this time, see you next month when it's already time for new pricing data and new collection values for everyone.

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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