NostoNews, September 1, 2016
by Tommy Jasmin

Past market reports, Secure pages, Coin grading

Just a few minor changes to report this month folks. A few people have mentioned they sometimes like to go back and read past market reports, but those can be hard to find on the site (you had to dig through the entire news archive, I agree, not fun). I collected links to all the past reports in one page, which you can find along the left navigation bar, labeled Past Market Reports.

You might have noticed the little green lock symbol in your web browser's location bar can now be found on every Nostomania page (take a quick peek). This is an extra security measure we took for our users, and guarantees all content on the entire site, every page, is delivered to you securely with strong encryption. We just want to give you that extra assurance. You never have to worry about the security lock, on Nostomania it's always there.

One more thing I'd like to bring your attention to... we are experimenting with new types of online grading guides. If you have a minute we'd love it if you checked out this sample, from our Coin Grading Page. It uses Franklin Half Dollars as a test series, with a modest representation of possible grades. Post some feedback to the forums, or send a note through the help lines, we appreciate it.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but if so it can't be that important. Oh yeah, we have streamlined the registration process, but most people reading this wouldn't notice because they are already registered. New people, hopefully they'll just think "well that was easy!". As it should be.

Next month is end of quarter so once again new pricing data on the way. As always, thanks very much, all of you, for supporting the site!

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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