NostoNews, September 1, 2006
by Tommy Jasmin

Excessive enthusiasm

So what exactly is Nostomania anyway? A friend of mine was surprised to see the word turn up on his Word-of-the-day email subscription, where he learned:

  nostomania (nos-tuh-MAY-nee-uh, -mayn-yuh) noun

  An overwhelming desire to return home or to go back to familiar places.

  [From Greek nostos (a return home) + mania (excessive enthusiasm or madness).]

  You can consider nostomania to be an extreme form of nostalgia (literally, pain for home).
And that really is our aim - to be that place collectors come to really enjoy their hobby, where that mania is a good thing. Right now the big draw is of course our world-class pricing data and the free collection management tools. But check out our marketplace sometime as well. This is a growing area, which now boasts a very sophisticated search function. You'll be surprised at the range of items many of our members have up for sale, taking advantage of our 1% commission rate, the lowest available online as far as we know. Until next month, may you sell your dupes and find your wants.


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Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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