NostoNews, September 1, 2004
by Tommy Jasmin

Why sell on Nosto?

Sellers, are you tired of high listing fees on venues like eBay? listing fee: $0.00
  • Always
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Let's look at an example comparing fees for a fixed price item.

Suppose you decide to sell an item for $25.00. Below is a table comparing fees at the time of this article on eBay and on Nostomania.

Fees for selling a $25.00 item eBay Nostomania
Insertion fee $1.20 $0.00
Final value fee $1.31 $1.25
Buy it now fee $0.05 $0.00
Total fees $2.56 $1.25

To summarize, here are three important points for selling on Nosto:
  • The eBay fees in this example are over 10%. If the buyer pays with PayPal, the total fees to the seller close in on 14%! Nosto feels this is just too big a slice of the pie for the seller to swallow.

  • Nosto fees are capped at 5%. This is the most they can be. The more you sell, the lower the fees, dropping to as low as 1%!

  • Nosto also allows the innovative "Percent of current value" selling scheme. Example: seller lists the item at 80% of current value. If the current value is $100.00, Nosto will automatically put the item up for sale for $80.00. If the value later goes up to $200.00, Nosto will automatically adjust the selling price to $160.00 so the seller doesn't have to worry about updating sale prices! But this is a topic for another day, and another news story...
Again, thanks to all who use and support the site as we expand and improve. We greatly appreciate it!


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