NostoNews, November 1, 2019
by Tommy Jasmin

What to Slab?

We have a new feature for you this month. In My Lists, we will now assess all items in your collection, and put a small Alert icon near anything that may be worth getting professionally graded if you decide to sell. Below is a sample screenshot for how this will look, for someone with a small run of Amazing Spider-Man. Nostomania is uniquely qualified to provide this service, since we are the only online price guide that computes data driven values for uncertified items, as well as values for the top three certification agencies in each category. None of the other service providers have the data to do this for you, and we are still a fraction of the price.

Example My Lists snippet with one slab-worthy issue

The logic is pretty simple. As an example, if the difference in value between an uncertified comic and the same comic, CGC certified, is greater than the cost to have it slabbed (and yes, we account for the various tiers), then we tag that book with the Alert icon. This most commonly occurs on very high grade coins, comics, and magazines, since this is where most mis-grading occurs among uncertified sales. This is also, of course, where the value changes most abruptly. It's not always clear, though, where this dividing line is. And by gathering uncertified data and computing separate pricing, we can help collectors spot these items in long runs. Let us know what you think!

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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