NostoNews, November 1, 2018
by Tommy Jasmin

What's Warm, Hot, and Red Hot?

This month we invite all of you to take advantage of a new feature we've developed to let users quickly scan series of coins, comics, or magazines for issues that stand out as a result of one or more of these three factors:

  1. Above average demand
  2. Recent sales activity
  3. Recent sharp increase in pricing

We are categorizing three levels, Warm (Yellow Flame), Hot (Orange Flame), and Red Hot (Red Flame, of course!). As you sift through the data, you'll find the yellow and orange flames turn up fairly often. For example, look at the start of the Amazing Spider-Man run below. Of course nearly every issue is either in demand or has recent sales. Price increases, however, are generally positive but moderate and steady. Except for that book-and-record reprint that is still intact as a set today! If you mouse-over the flame you'll see the drivers (this can also be seen in the example image below).

What's hot for early ASM

Similarly on the coins side, we can bring up a series like Buffalo Nickels, and see a fair number of items that people are looking for and/or have recent sales. Below is a little snippet from that U.S. coin series.

Sampling of early Buffalo Nickels

The piece of this that's going to give you a leg up in the hobby though is finding those elusive red-flame items. These are not only active, they are spiking unusually in price. The beauty is our code systematically finds them, and you detectives can figure out what the drivers are, and maybe even spot the next trends. Things are changing fast, and our service is adapting to get you more data, in more ways, faster. Below is a snippet from a title that really caught us by surprise and I'm not going to give away - let's see if any of you can figure it out. PS, I checked another popular online price guide for this red-hot comic and they have it at $95.00, with flat pricing over the last few years.

Mystery Title

Behind the scenes we just finished testing another round of pricing algorithm improvements and can't wait to show them to you next month. So make sure and check our collection values after the December update, and check some of the pricing trend-lines that you have been keeping an eye on.

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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