NostoNews, November 1, 2017
by Tommy Jasmin

New features: Drag-N-Drop, Page Quality, Certification Label Type

I'm going to keep this short with all the Halloween stuff going on tonight. Let's get to it. Our collection tracking features have been expanded this month to include optionally specifying both Page Quality and Certification Label Type. If you want to note this level of detail in your collection, we've got you covered. Not everyone can afford all Universal (blue label) slabbed books, and may want to note the label type, especially the new Conserved category, which in our view is CGC's attempt to cast restoration in a better light. For Paqe Quality, we researched and compiled what we believe to be an exhaustive list of categories.

Yes, there were variations of pink pages at one time

On the pricing details pages, if you have a quality scan of a particular item, we've now made it as easy as we could for you to add these to the Nostomania library. Simply drag-and-drop the scan from your computer to the box on your screen! We look forward to seeing more of the cool stuff from your collections become the reference image for Nostomania, thanks in advance for the additions!

Try it out, it's pretty slick

I promised I'd keep it short, enjoy a great Halloween cover below, Comic Cavalcade 12. The Green Lantern is all "Once I put this mask over my other mask, wait, what?, who's idea was this? What is up with these masks?!"

A common costume in those days? Beats me but I doubt it

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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