NostoNews, Nov 1, 2009
by Tommy Jasmin

Premium Subscribers can now sell commission-free

Not that selling your collectibles here on Nostomania was ever expensive - at 1% flat commission, using our virtual marketplace has always been one of the best deals on the web. But we are always looking for new incentives to upgrade from the free Basic Account to the Premium Account, at $2.99 a month. Going forward, anyone with the Premium Account will never get charged any sales commission on the site. A reminder on a key feature of the marketplace - if you put an item up for sale that in on a member's wantlist, and meets the member's requirements as far as grade, certification, and asking price, that member will be notified via email the wantlist item is now available on the site.

Some Testimonials

This month I wanted to share a few user comments. It's always nice to find out how you are using the site, what you like and what you don't, and what we can do better.

User Mithrophon writes:

"I use the site all the time. I guess from an improvement standpoint, I'd be looking to get additional sales data (from ComicLink, ComicConnect, wherever) as eBay has been slowly declining in relevance. But really, it's a great tool as-is."

Mithrophon - thanks for the suggestion. We have tried, but many of these places are unwilling to share their data. While we could just harvest it anyway, we prefer to develop mutually beneficial arrangements when possible. We'll keep working on it.

User swepinoch writes:

"I frequently use your site for pricing and valuation. I find your data to be much more reliable and realistic than Overstreet. Keep up the good work!"

Thanks swepinoch - pricing is what we do best and we are still refining and improving our algorithms. And to everyone, don't forget you can use the Nosto Forums as a good place to bring up ideas for discussion.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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