NostoNews, November 1, 2003

Sharing user comments

The first thing we'd like to do this month is share an excerpt from a letter one of our users sent in, noting it's comments like these that make the effort of providing a site like Nostomania worthwhile for us:

"I find Nostomania to be exceptionally valuable. It shows me where the largest discrepancies between Overstreet and the marketplace reside, and I can take advantage of those pricing inefficiencies by selling comics from my collection that are overpriced by Overstreet and purchasing the occasional comics that are underpriced by Overstreet yet are listed on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price equal to or less than guide. I also use your service generally to guide my bidding on comics, and your pricing breakdowns across the entire grading spectrum are quite useful. Whenever I go to a convention (when most of my comic-for-comic trading occurs), a printout of your pricing is far more valuable to me than the omnipresent copies of Overstreet that my trading partners are using."

Upcoming action in New York

While more and more collectors have turned to the Internet for their buying, selling, and other collecting needs, what does that mean for the classic conventions? Will they go the way of the dinosaurs? We certainly hope not, as the folks here at Nostomania still enjoy all the aspects of a good old-fashioned convention that you could never duplicate in any other forum.

And New York has some great events coming up that will be sure to attract huge crowds. For coin collectors, there is the American Numismatic Rarities Auction in New York City on December 1, 2003. Some of the items offered here are simply stunning. We expect more sales records to be broken with some of the finest-known specimens being offered. For comic collectors, there is the 5th annual Big Apple National Convention (also in New York City of course), which will be held November 28-30. Our old friend Michael Carbonaro puts on this show, and let us tell you, he is a character who generates enthusiasm wherever he goes. Just follow the links for more information on each.

So what are some of the reasons conventions still have something to offer?
  • When buying, there's nothing like seeing the item up close and personal before making a committment on an expensive item.
  • Even for those who can't afford high-end items, there's still something magical about seeing these treasures in person
  • Being around fellow collectors, feeling the shared interest in the air, is something you can't explain to non-collectors. Attending a convention can be much more than browsing dealer inventory, when done right it's a pop-culture event.
That's about all we have to say this month, October flew by like it was only a few days. We're just going to get back to work on the most requested site enchancements and hopefully have some great new features ready for you soon. As always, thanks for using Nostomania.


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Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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