NostoNews, May 1, 2009
by Tommy Jasmin

What to slab? New service for Premium Subscribers

Nostomania user yudansha recently wrote in:

  Thanks for the welcome message. I am glad I am finally able to become a premium member of Nostomania.

  I do have one suggestion: it seems that having comics professionally graded has become a necessity for the higher end comic market, and I'm wondering whether Nostomania can or does provide a feature that allows someone with hundreds or thousands of comics in their collection (like me) to identify those particular books that would most benefit from being graded. Of course, such identification would be only as good as the information the member provided about the grade of comic, but it would really help to just run a routine and say, "Hey, I should really get these ten or twenty comics graded." Sometimes the winners get lost amidst the collection.

  Just a thought. Thanks for providing such a cool site!

We thought a bit, and decided this was a great idea. This service is now available to all Premium Subscribers. After logging in, pick a category (coins, comics, or magazines) go to My Lists, then click the Print your lists link. You will see the option to display a "Slab List". Just one more benefit for shelling out the very modest $2.99/month for a Premium Subscription. Thanks for the great idea yudansha!

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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