NostoNews, March 1, 2020

by Tommy Jasmin

Right Here, Right Now: Recent Sales Trends At A Glance

Would you like to see, at a glance, how sales for Amazing Fantasy #15 (the 1st appearance of Spider-Man), have been trending for the past month or two? Sign in and find out!

I've been keeping an eye on forum discussions relating to price monitoring for specific items. "What's a good price lately for Ms. Marvel #1?", somebody might ask. The common answer I hear is "just watch eBay sales". Sure, you can do this to check if something has sold recently, but it can be messy to look through, and how do you know if there's an upward or downward trend? Many of us will have a pretty good feel for this, but wouldn't it be great to see that eBay data alongside other sales data, in a way that makes sense at a glance?

The latest feature we rolled out gives you the insight you wanted into timely trends. Let's start with a coin example. Below is the trend chart for the 1877-CC Liberty Seated Quarter. We see a few sales before the end of last year that were a non-negligible amount above current Nostomania value, then several sales this year, into February, which are drifting below current Nostomania value. It's hard to know for certain if we an draw any conclusions here, but we can speculate that maybe collectors are simply willing to spend more just before the holidays, and less just after the holidays.

Back to that Ms. Marvel #1

What about one of the books that sparked us to develop this feature? Nosto Premium Subsciber cclonborisnbela had mentioned to me "my how the mighty have fallen" and brought my attention to a few Ms. Marvel #1 sales that, from what he remembered seeing last year, seemed down significantly. Sure enough, the trend chart for this book shows it in serious decline lately. Not a single sale going for more than our last computed value.

All Green Here

What if we check on a book that's going gangbusters? The first one that came to mind for me was Avengers #48. I noticed a few sales awhile back that seemed way higher than what I would have expected. Seeing the sales plotted over time is a whole different story though - sure enough this book really is on fire. Are you starting to see the value in this feature? Note - on this chart, the highlighted point shows more than one sale was captured that day. To deal with this, Nostomania is uniquely qualified in the market in that we are able to determine the value change for that item based on whichever certification agency applies, and also if the item is uncertified.

A Little Better Every Month

My promise is always that in some small way, we strive to make the site just a bit better each month than the previous. We hope all our users take advantage of this new feature going forward, whether you are considering buying or selling, or are just curious about a given item. Please send us feedback on your thoughts, and any suggestions for improvement. We will listen to all your suggestions and keep working at providing useful and unique collection management tools.

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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