NostoNews, March 1, 2019
by Tommy Jasmin

A Little Better Every Month

You should notice some changes in the layout of some key site pages this month. Please let us know what you think. This is valuable feedback since we are starting to talk through design plans for Nostomania Version 2. This is a ways off, but we want to start gathering information on what our Premium Subscribers like and don't like. Below is one sample screenshot.

Look-And-Feel Changes On The Way

Reminder: it's really easy for you to share a Nostomania sales trend chart with friends on social media or forums. Just drill down to the coin, comic, or magazine you are interested in. With your mouse over the chart, right click. You'll then see options to copy or save the chart as an image. Below is an interesting example. Check out the sales history for Incredible Hulk #271. Nothing, nothing, nothing, then Boom! Word gets out Rocket Raccoon will star in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Nostomania Sales Trend Chart for Incredible Hulk #271

Speaking of sales - we are actively working to get you the new sales data quicker. This is of course key in providing a valuable service for many of you. There are over 20,000 new sales cut over tonight, so have fun sifting through the data for surprises. Here's an interesting one I noticed - check out the chart for Whiz Comics #24. See that recent Uncertified FR/GD sale? $306.99, wow! Expect some movement on this book next month when the new pricing data is computed. What's with the huge price increase? Simple - just about any interesting (cover, key appearance, etc.) Captain Marvel book is doing well right now, with the new movie imminent.

Captain Marvel in the Hot Seat

Don't forget - next month brings new pricing data and we are really excited about the improvements we are making to the pricing algorithms!

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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