NostoNews, March 1, 2017
by Tommy Jasmin

Gain/Loss trends now supported in Pricing Research section of site

I noticed recently one of our power-user Premium Subscribers, shrewbeer, made a blog post to discuss pricing trends for a certain comic. In order to get the gain/loss percents, he simply added the book to his collection in My Lists, took a screen grab, and then deleted it. I thought "well that's kinda clever, but he shouldn't need to add a comic to his collection to get that information." And so you can thank him, because we've now made this trend data available for all items in the Pricing Research section of the site.

I'll include a couple quick screen grabs to give you a flavor. Sorry, it's late and I didn't have time to root around and find snazzy examples. The first example is Strange Tales 110, first appearance of Doctor Strange. Overall this has been a great investment book, but note there has been a post-movie correction. And this despite the fact the movie exceeded expectations and was actually pretty good. If you dig further on the pricing details page for this book, you'll see actual sales that back up the trend data. Pre-movie, a CGC NM 9.4 copy of this book had breached the $50,000.00 mark. Now it's back down around $35,000.00.

Post-movie correction

If you happen to see an item like the one below, Playboy 1, Newsstand Edition, what's up with the N/A markers where trend data should be? This is a different kind of trend occurring folks - specific variants for previously published items are being recognized and noted more and more. Gimmick or true rarity? Maybe sometimes both? The market will decide - and in many cases, it decides these variants sell for significant premiums. In fact this variant of Playboy 1 is now the #1 magazine on our Top 100 list, buoyed by the sale of a CGC NM 9.4 copy for over $70,000.00. Wow.

No trend data because it's a brand new old item

Whether you see green or red, hopefully you can use this information to help guide some good decisions going forward. Folks, please let us know your thoughts on the new feature, and let us know what else would make the site more useful.

Spring will be here soon, everyone. Look for new pricing data next update! Some great news here, as we will begin phasing in eBay sales data once more, but with greater accuracy assessment, which will tighten up the pricing data. You have shrewbeer to thank for this as well. Hey, he ponies up the $2.99 a month, so we take his suggestions seriously ;-) As always, thanks very much, all of you, for supporting the site.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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