NostoNews, June 1, 2020

by Tommy Jasmin

Troubling Times

Once again it feels really weird to be writing to you about stuff like collectibles while there is so much turmoil across the country. But hey, these hobbies give us comfort and something to focus on during troubling times. The site is here, and as always we'll continue with the gradual improvements for our members.

A quick reminder that Hake's Americana auction data is available on the site, and the most recent sale contained quite a few keys including the copy of Showcase #4 shown in the pic below. When users hover over the given sale in the chart (circled), a link appears which you can click, taking you to the web page for the original sale, with all the details.

Hawaiian Coinage

For the coin users we are adding support for the series of coins produced by the Kingdom of Hawaii, long before it became a U.S. state. Originally, Nostomania only supported United States issued collectibles but we have gradually relaxed that policy, and have started expanding as it feels appropriate, for example adding U.K. Editions of key comic books as we encounter sales for them. The new data will be available on the production site after the pricing update next month. Until then, here's a preview pic.

That Time Again

We are already coming up on the 3rd Quarter pricing update next month. Given all the upheaval in our lives, routines, and the economy, we're all wondering how collectibles pricing is being affected overall, and this should prove to be a very interesting cycle. Until then be well everyone.

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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