NostoNews, June 1, 2010
by Tommy Jasmin

New home page, Low sales

We've started reworking the home page a bit, starting with showing the Top 10 items in each supported category, based on our computed values. Let us know what you think. Remember, you can see the Top 100 items for each category by clicking the Comics, Coins, or Magazines tab.

I wanted to try to clear up a common question we get from users. Somebody will write in, saying for example "it looks like your pricing is broken for X-Factor 2, I just entered a NM- copy in my collection, and your site says it is worth only 15 cents". Whenever you run across something like this, the first thing you should do is go to the Pricing Details page for that item, and see if there are actual sales recorded which can explain what you think looks unusual. In this case, we go Comics -> Pricing, then search for X-Factor, and drill down to the details for number 2. Among other things we see the current pricing table:

Current Nosto pricing for X-Factor 2

Ok, the uncertified NM- 9.2 is indeed 15 cents. But look at what is driving this. Down at the bottom of the page, we see the Actual Sales table. Here, we see a NM- 9.2 copy actually sold on eBay for only 1 cent! While on this page, you could click on each of the numbers to trace a sale to its source (the eBay item id is recorded). The point is, a collectible is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it.

Some actual sales that drive the pricing for X-Factor 2

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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