NostoNews, January 1, 2003

New pricing data

The new pricing data is now available. This has been our best update yet, with a record 120,000+ confirmed sales factored in to our algorithms. Have fun checking to see how the items in your collections have changed in value. Some comments for each collectible category follow below.

Coin pricing data comments

The coin pricing data continues to synchronize tighter with the real market. This update was aided by many sales of key dates and other rarely offered items from the likes of Heritage Numismatics and Bowers and Merena. Below is a view into the current pricing spreads, with Proof items relative to grade PF-60, and Mint State items relative to grade G-4. Note the extremely sharp increase in prices realized from MS-63 to MS-65.
Proof Coins Pricing Spread
PF-60 PF-65 PF-70
1 1.9 38.0
Mint State Coins Pricing Spread
G-4 VF-30 MS-63 MS-65
1 4.8 26.8 129.6
Comic pricing data comments

For the second quarter in a row, the Golden Age spreads have contracted, but only very slightly. The Silver Age spreads have widened a bit. Again the question comes up as to why the Silver Age NM books on average sell for almost 50 times the GD price when Golden Age NM books sell for "only" 38 times the GD price? The answer is simple if you think about it a moment - the spreads are determined not just by the huge prices NM books are selling for, but what the GD copies are selling for. GD Golden Age books are often truly scarce and still bring decent prices, while GD Silver Age books are often worth very little - which makes for a much wider spread.
Golden Age Comics Pricing Spread
1 3.5 38.4
Silver Age Comics Pricing Spread
1 2.6 49.5

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