NostoNews, February 1, 2003

The cult of Nosto

This month we wanted to welcome all the recent new users, and thank the old timers. Old timers being those that have been with us for our year and a half or so of existence. Up to now, Nostomania has been something of a grassroots effort, slowly gaining momentum and respect. We haven't been able to afford the glitz and splash of competitor sites like WizardWorld, but our emphasis on useful tools for collectors has allowed us to continue to expand our site and grow our base of satisfied users each month. We'll be around for you, and we'll keep improving by catering to what the average user would like to see.

What makes this possible is the fact that we, the founders, are the average user - collectors looking for good tools to manage our collections, and looking for accurate, realistic pricing data. Out of frustration from the lack of so many things we've wished we had access to over the years, we created this site. Good things take time, and development hasn't been as fast as we'd like, but things are starting to gel now. We are picking up new members at the fastest rate ever, and for this we are grateful. If you are one of those folks, and are happy with our service, go tell a few friends about our committment to provide a free, quality service to the average coin and comic book (and in the future who knows what else?) collector.


Don't forget, all you have to do is create a single Collection, Wantlist, or Salelist item each month to qualify for our sweepstakes. Why not take a look and see what we're giving away (and gave away last month), free as always.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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