NostoNews, December 1, 2017
by Tommy Jasmin

Make an offline backup of your collection

This month's new feature is driven by a request from Premium Subscriber Mccurryal. Mccurryal wrote in saying, and this is an almost verbatim quote: "I appreciate your service. A question: Can my collection be downloaded to a CSV, Excel or similar file? Your site is my only record and inputting the data again, should something happen, would seriously suck." As you know, we love hearing from our Premium Subscribers. Read on...

A little peace of mind

We discussed this, and decided it was a reasonable request for our paying customers. As of this update, the new feature is available in the My Lists section of the site. Near the printer icon, a link now states "Print or Download your lists". Just click the link and in a few seconds you have a nice backup of your entire collection. Of if you are a dealer, this might be a copy of your inventory. We make daily backups of the site and entire database to our development server, and further back these up to a third, off-site location, but we understand the extra piece of mind this might give users. Thanks Mccurryal for the great suggestion and thanks for supporting the site!

We have some great stuff in the works I am looking forward to sharing when the time is right. Some of it has to do with improving the research tools. We know you realize the value in being able to visualize our sales database in novel ways. For example, below is the sales history for New Mutants 98 (1st Deadpool). Every comic's sales history (or lack of) tells a story. To think less than 10 years ago you could get a super high grade copy of this book for around 30 bucks. Last, with this update we add thousands of new items, and new verified sales to the Nostomania database. Have fun researching this data and updating your collections!

Do you see the movie peak here?

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month with new pricing data.

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