NostoNews, December 1, 2015
by Tommy Jasmin

Sale Specials

I made a change to the electronic market this month that I've wanted to do for awhile. "Featured Items", the items for sale when you go to the main Browse link for each category, are now only items for sale by Premium Subscribers. These folks pay for the service, they should get the prime real estate on our For Sale pages. Check out the CGC Famous Monsters on the magazines Browse page, cool!

I tried to order the listings favoring better deals offered, but see what you think. If you have an idea on how to favor sale listings, please let us know. By Feedback Rating? By certification service? But how to rotate, and give new guys some air time? By the way - the coins page is nearly empty - this can be you, get on there!

Down the road, what I'd really like to do is add support for auctions. Wouldn't it be great to have an alternative to eBay's high fees? Right here on Nosto if you are a Premium Subscriber and you sell something, there are no fees, just the $2.99 you pay per month for the service. I'd love to see some of you take advantage of that and move your eBay stores here.

The irony in all this is when we first started Nostomania, we put huge effort into developing "stock market-like" code for our electronic marketplace. Idea being - say you are a seller and you are willing to take 70% of current market value for an item. Along comes a buyer who is willing to pay 80% of current market value for that item. Our software can detect the "Want" item overlap with the "Sale" item, and offer to broker a deal half way - at 75% of market value. We thought we were so clever, but this just confused most sellers and buyers, and we had to disable it! Maybe we'll re-enable this some day if we can make it easier for the general user to understand.

That's all this month folks. Shout out to Mario and Chuck, the first followers on the Nosto Twitter stream. And special shout out to Cody O'Brien, the very first follower. Hopefully some day that becomes a claim to fame :-).

On to crunching sales data for the end of year pricing update, available with the next site update. Thanks everybody.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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