NostoNews, Dec 1, 2009
by Tommy Jasmin

What are the most wanted items?

In our continuing effort to expand the premium content on the site, the main page for each supported category (coins, comic books, magazines) will now have a Premium Subscriber only section. What you'll see there is up to you - let us know. Any interesting question we can ask the database is fair game. To start it out, we're showing the most wanted items on the site for each category. Some of them (like Amazing Spider-Man 1) are no surprise. Others, I would not have guessed. That's all for this month - we are already looking ahead to the new pricing data we will be crunching in December and revealing with the next site update. Stay tuned.

Do your holiday shopping and support Nosto at the same time

A reminder as the holidays approach - if you shop on Amazon, please consider clicking through from Nosto. You can always click through from the Amazon links on our home page, or the special link below. Doing this costs you nothing extra, and we get a very small credit for referring you. Any kind of purchase helps - music, housewares, whatever. Every little bit helps keep the site going, so we thank you in advance!

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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