NostoNews, December 1, 2005
by Tommy Jasmin

Let Nosto work for you

Regular Nosto users might be wondering what the purpose of the new My Finder tab is for a given collectible category. As a reminder to current users, and an introduction to tire-kickers, I'll explain the workhorse behind this.

If you maintain a Wantlist on, the site will potentially work very hard for you. Via your Wantlist you can be notified when a particular item goes up for sale that meets strict criteria. You can, for example, state:

"Notify me when comic book X goes up for sale in grade VF or higher. I'm willing to pay 75% of current Nostomania value".

Or, you can specify an exact dollar amount you are willing to pay:

"Notify me when coin Y goes up for sale in grade MS-65 or higher. I'm willing to pay as much as $100.00 for this coin."

The notification is simply an email alerting you to the item's availability. You are of course under no obligation ever to buy anything on Nosto!

If you decide to look over the item you are notified about, just login and you'll find details in My Finder. These details used to be found under My Deals, but we separated them out for two reasons:
  1. Unless you actually decide to purchase the item, it technically isn't a "Deal" yet.
  2. We are currently developing a feature which will expand this service to not only attempt to find your Wantlist items on, but other major web sites as well. We won't mention the sites we are targeting quite yet, but you can probably guess the likely candidates.

Don't forget, all you have to do is create a single Collection, Wantlist, or Salelist item during the appropriate month to qualify for our sweepstakes. Why not take a look and see what we're giving away (and gave away last month), free as always.

Thanks, we'll see you all next month.

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