NostoNews, August 1, 2018
by Tommy Jasmin

New pricing and sales research tool

This month we debut a new price trend and sales history chart format. Some users noticed the trend lines we were showing were appropriate for some items but not others. For example, very high grade trendlines (e.g. NM/MT 9.8 for comics or magazines and MS-69 for coins) are more appropriate for modern items. And for really old items, the opposite is true - lower grade trendlines will be more useful.

Another great feature of the new charts is the ability to turn on or off sales for any grade. Disable the high grade trend lines and sales, and the chart will automatically rescale and redraw, making a much more useful tool. Note below the charts for Conan the Barbarian 3 before and after disabling the 9.6 data. You can now bring out more detail in the NM and lower data.

Conan 3 - NM+ 9.6 View

Conan 3 - NM 9.4 View

I think the best feature about the new charts is that we only show legend markers for existing data. This allows you to glance at the chart and immediately know the highest graded sale for Conan 3, from any certification company, is 9.6. This is really valuable information! On one hand, this would imply that for anyone who owns a certified 9.8, now is a great time to sell. On the other hand, note how the 9.6 trendline has dropped from over $1,000.00 to under $400.00 today (backed by actual sales!), so maybe you should wait? Let us know what you think - is this new tool useful for you? What would make it better?

We also continue to make improvements in the pricing algorithms and have once again computed new pricing data. We've got more changes on the way but for now you will definitely want to sign in and check your recomputed collection values!

Thanks everybody, see you back here in a month.

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