NostoNews, August 1, 2003

The hits keep coming

In June Nosto topped the 1 million hit mark for the first time, and July growth topped June by another 25%, clocking in at over 1.3 million hits. August again looks to blow away the previous month's numbers, so thanks once again to all of our loyal users (rapidly closing in on 10,000!). Check out the chart below which plots Nosto growth through July.

We're just back from Comic-Con International in San Diego, and as usual we had a blast. Attendance set new records once again. Nosto made some great inroads, among them a positive look from Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics, from whom we hope to get the enormous file of confirmed sales data he gives to Overstreet every year. We'd put that data to good use, factoring it into our pricing algorithms. We also closed an advertising deal with an old friend Michael Carbonaro of Neat Stuff Collectibles, who puts on the great Big Apple National Comic Convention every year.

Are you curious what a few of our highlights were?
  • Finally getting to see Steve Rude's Nexus animated short. The concensus? Amazing. It's a crime if nobody picks this up.
  • A very cool live version of Scott Saavedra's hilarious Comic Book Heaven (which you can get in print form from Slave Labor Graphics).
  • The Forrest Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, and Julius Schwartz panel. What an honor to share a room for a short time with so much combined greatness. And what a bunch of rude attendees from the previous panel who wouldn't clear the room so a wheelchair-bound Bradbury could get to the podium.

What's lost is found

I know I don't need to tell the coin fans the story of the lost, 5th 1913 Liberty Head Nickel finally coming out of the woodwork, but wanted to mention it anyway. Something just feels right about knowing the whereabouts of that rarity of rarities is known. And if it goes on the auction block, who knows what it will bring? The Nostomania database puts the current value of this piece at a whopping $2,580,000.00 in MS-63!


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